Our Partners

UTSOPI would not be what it is today without the support of its partners. Thanks to mutual trust and intensive cooperation, together we achieve our common goals.

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Médecins du Monde Belgium

on behalf of all those who are excluded from health care or who face obstacles in this area.

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Child Focus

does everything in its power to find missing children and combat their sexual exploitation, both online and off.

Logo Fairwork Belgium 1


is an organization dedicated to improving the working conditions of people without legal residence or people doing unregistered work.

De Mensnu zwart mono lijn


is the umbrella association of Dutch-speaking liberal humanist associations in Flanders and Brussels.

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is a feminist think tank and action group working for a more inclusive and equal society.

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is a network of organizations working for social justice and human rights for undocumented migrants.

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is the Belgian Network for Gender Studies, which coordinates feminist research in Belgium.

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Liga voor Mensenrechten

is a human rights movement that seeks to inspire policy, raise awareness and critically inform the general public about human rights.